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The Problem

Water is a natural habitat for many bacteria.

Small numbers of bacteria such as Legionella enter the water supply. In drinking water systems within buildings, technical water systems or swimming pools, they often find favorable conditions for their survival and reproduction. These conditions include temperatures between 25°C to 45°C, stagnating water and nutrients. Some types of bacteria form biofilms, which in turn provide a habitat for other bacteria.


Some of these water bacteria pose a health risk to humans, e.g. Legionella, Pseudomonads, E.coli or Salmonella. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Legionella represent the greatest health threat to humans. By inhaling contaminated aerosols (e.g. when showering), they can cause legionellosis. The dangerous Legionnaires' disease or the milder Pontiac fever are well known diseases. The number of Legionella cases is increasing drastically year after year. 

Sources of infection

Effective protection against Legionella

starts with regular monitoring of drinking water facilities and water systems for risk factors and contamination with Legionella.

The mission of BlueLab is

to revolutionize the monitoring of water systems for bacterial contamination with automaed and economically high-tech solutions. We want to set new standards regarding specificity and sensitivity.


For more information about Legionella, health risks, regulations and more, see our FAQ.

Our Solution

Analyzer_Perspective_Shadow minimum

The BlueLab analysis method

Our analysis method is self-developed and patent pending. It consists of an antibody-based detection with an optical analysis. 


The goals of the process development were the automated on-site analysis combined with a continuous risk monitoring, fast quantitative results, high sensitivity and specificity forLegionella spp., as well as a high cost-effectiveness. This makes our process the most technologically advanced analysis method currently available.

The BlueLab analysis procedure

Your Advantages

Automated, user-friendly process with digitalized transfer of results

Continuous system to monitor risk parameters

Quick results avaiable within 2 - 3  hours,
i.e. less time consuming and costly

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