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The BlueLab analysis method

Our analysis method is self-developed and patent pending. It consists of an antibody-based detection with an optical analysis. 


The goals of the process development were the automated on-site analysis combined with a continuous risk monitoring, fast quantitative results, high sensitivity and specificity forLegionella spp., as well as a high cost-effectiveness. This makes our process the most technologically advanced analysis method currently available.

The BlueLab analysis procedure

Lab.XX Devices

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Our Lab.XX devices for the analysis of
drinking water and cooling tower water

Functions of the Lab.XX devices

  • Tabletop devices for the quantification of bacteria

    • Lab.DW - for drinking water

    • Lab.CT - for cooling tower water

  • Installation in the laboratory or in the working area

  • Autosampler

  • Automated sample processing and analysis

  • Simplified user interface

  • Operation of the device and access to the results

    • via touchscreen

    • remotely via browser

  • Extensions: Barcode scanner

  • Accesories:Test kits for different bacteria

For the analysis of drinking water

First test installations
planned for Q2/2024

Lab.DW (DrinkingWater)
- in development -


Lab.CT (CoolingTowers)
- in development -

For the analysis of cooling tower water

  • conatains specific adjustments
    (e.g. prefilter to remove contaminations, ...)

How it works

Take a sample (manually)

Insert it

into the autosampler

Start the analysis



further developments

Adaptations for

  • Swimming pools:Lab.SP
  • Car wash:Lab.CW

Test Kits

Our test kits are based on validated antibodies*

Each test kit contains all necessary consumables for 20 analyses.

*no cross-reactivity or false positive results with relevant water pathogens

Test kits forLegionella pneumophila

L.p. SG1

for the quantification of L. pneumophila Serogroup 1

L.p. SG2-14

for the quantification of L. pneumophila Serogroups 2-14

In development

Test kits for

  • Legionella spp.
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • and more to come...

In future, there will also be the
BlueLab Cloud

This means that

all BlueLab devices are equipped with a digital interface and will be connected to our BlueLab cloud.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 15.31.19.png

This enables you

  • to easily access the results online.

  • to operate the device remotely and monitor its status.

  • to centrally control and manage all test points and systems as the operator.

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