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Epoxy resin-coated drinking water pipes - danger from BPA and legionella

Until a few years ago, rusty water pipes were renovated with epoxy resin. This solution was known as a cost-effective alternative to complete renovation. Today, the process no longer complies with the generally recognised rules of technology.

Firstly, bisphenol A (BPA) can dissolve from the epoxy resin coating and enter the drinking water. This is a substance with a hormone-like effect, the harmful effects of which have been proven in animal experiments. It is suspected of favouring diseases such as diabetes mellitus or causing developmental disorders in children.

On the other hand, the coating of the pipes can cause bubbles to form on the walls into which legionella can penetrate. Protected in these bubbles, legionella can multiply undisturbed and even resist disinfection treatments. For this reason, drinking water from water pipes coated with epoxy resin should also be checked regularly for legionella in order to quickly recognise any health risks.


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